Import Ocean Freight

Take a close look at ocean currents.

Ocean freight is a continually moving function that constantly evolves with every passing day. Ocean freight has never been more critical to the supply chain as it is today. With all of the potential pitfalls, we are here to steer your cargo to its destination, intact and on time.

Rest easy,

knowing that our team of experts is keeping a close eye on the movements your cargo makes and the key milestones it hits along the way. We are proactively reviewing when your cargo will arrive at its destination and will let you know if other means are needed to ensure an on-time delivery.

Put us to the test.

We love a challenge. Our team has a wealth of knowledge and is ready for any situation you can throw at us. Whether it is tight deadlines, oversized cargo or consistent space protection, we are poised to help your business succeed.

Ocean freight for all shapes and sizes.

WorldBridge Logistics Inc., is a Federal Maritime Licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common carrier that is a wholly-owned subsidiary of V. Alexander & Co., Inc. that will transport your cargo with care it requires.

Committed to your success,

is not just a phrase, but a philosophy that our team fulfills on a daily basis. We know that your cargo is a promise to your customer and we are here to make sure you deliver.

Full container transport.

Our team has direct links to the vessel operators across all major carrier alliances to make sure we find a schedule and price that best suits you.

Less than container load container transport.

Don’t have enough cargo to fill container? No problem. We will match your cargo with other freight to maximize your value, so you only pay for the space you use.

Project cargo.

We think outside the box, especially when your cargo won’t fit in one. Our team can provide the most comprehensive solutions for out of gauge cargo that requires a white glove service.

Import Air Freight

Urgent is what we do.

We understand that if it was not urgent, air freight would not be used. With this understanding, we provide real world solutions to get your freight where it needs to go, and in a timely manner.

When you need it now,

we are here to make it happen. We know that air freight is used when no other means are available. We are poised to assist you in delivering on your promise to your customer.


Our team has eyes on your freight from every corner of the globe. We are working to get your cargo in the air and into your hands as quickly as possible.

Have a critical shipment?

Let us show you what we can do. Our team’s knowledge is unmatched and uses real world experiences to handle to most time sensitive cargo.

Committed to your success,

is not just a phrase, but a philosophy that our team fulfills on a daily basis. We know that your cargo is a promise to your customer and we are here to make sure you deliver.

General cargo

We will find the best route to meet your transit time requirements and mitigate costs.

Courier services.

Just because it is small, doesn’t mean it’s not important. We know that your cargo is important to your business, regardless of size, so we can handle your small shipments with the same level of care as the big ones.

Charter services.

Big shipments can present big problems, but our team is ready to handle your biggest cargo through our charter services program.

Freighter cargo.

Have something that can’t wait? Freighter service is the answer to ensure timely uplift.

Customs Brokerage

Taking a serious approach in a constantly changing landscape.

The complexities of international trade are continually growing. More data than ever is required to clear cargo through Customs and myriad government agencies that play a pivotal role in the clearance process. There are many obstacles to maintaining a compliant program, and there are serious consequences if you don’t. Let us help to put your mind at ease.

Trust is a key element to any successful partnership.

You can confidently place your trust in V. Alexander to process your clearances with the latest technology and communication tools available.

V. Alexander’s goal is to ensure that your shipment data is provided in the most efficient, cost effective, and compliance-focused way as possible.

Know that we are dedicated to your success.

We are your partner and we know your business, from the supplier’s door to your door. Our solutions are customized to you, and your assigned account team is focused on your specific needs. We have people and technology to help you reach your goals!

Be confident in our team of licensed Customs Brokers

with decades of experience who will treat all of your clearances with the competence, thoroughness, and compliance you deserve.

Have complete visibility and interactive communication

to all of your transactions With our global-desktop, vision. Get both real-time and historical data at your fingertips any time of day or night.

Import Compliance

Let our team of experienced professionals help you to do it right.

Customs expects you to exercise reasonable care and due diligence with all of your transactions. Our team can help you design a proper compliance program for your company which will mitigate risk and provide a reliable pathway to compliance.

Consistency, accuracy, and confidence is the key.

Utilizing our trade services teaches you how to keep your transactions consistent and accurate while fostering compliance. Be confident that we will help you develop the internal compliant procedures which will serve as a blueprint for your staff.

Trust and verify.

Our team will provide you with tools to monitor your suppliers and keep a record of any issues that arise, giving you the necessary information to verify that the data being transmitted to Customs is complete and accurate.

Trade Services

Classification Review

Proper classification is key to being a compliant importer. Customs demands a high level of accuracy and applying the correct duty rate has a direct effect on your bottom line.

Trade Preference Program review

Our professionals have vast experience working with all of the free trade programs and can help you to understand the potential benefits.

Trade Compliance Assessment

What is your level of compliance? You need to know, and we can help you find out.

Education and Training Seminars

We offer regularly scheduled training sessions at different locations around the U.S. and can also provide one on one training at your facility.

Anti-Dumping and Countervailing Duty determinations

Serious financial implications can be a result of not understanding these additional duties. We know the issues and will help you understand them.

Free-Trade Agreement Consultation

Take advantage of reduced duties wherever possible. V. Alexander can assist you in qualifying your products under the various free-trade programs and agreements now available to importers.

Valuation Review

This is not always as simple as it seems. There are many rules that effect value and our experts stand ready to help you understand the principles of valuation.

Post Entry Services

It’s a tricky business and sometimes mistakes happen. We will help you resolve entry issues discovered post entry and implement corrective actions.

Other Government Agency Compliance

FDA, EPA, NHTSA – the list goes on. Let our team walk you through the maze.

C-TPAT and supply chain security consultation and coaching

Supply chain security is critically important in the world we live in. Avoid delays in your supply chain by using the best practices in the industry. We can help you do this.

Customs Binding Ruling Requests

Utilize the binding ruling program to your benefit and avoid surprises.

Exception based management tracking system with VISION

Anticipate and resolve issues before they become critical.

Cargo Insurance

Don’t suffer a needless loss. Use our Cargo Insurance Program to mitigate your risks.