People and Technology working in concert to ensure that your cargo gets where it needs to be. Every time. Every day.

Excellence, one transaction at a time. This is only possible because of our dedicated team of logistics and customs experts.

V. Alexander is structured to allow your highly trained account team to scale in unison with your needs.

You will be assigned an account team that is specific to your supply chain. That means experienced people to answer questions, solve problems, and make suggestions to improve the processes that drive international freight.


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An experienced account team coupled with an unparalleled chain of accountability.

People and Technology

Our people bring a shared sense of mission and purpose to our company. There is a strong team spirit with people collaboratively working together and having fun, all the while displaying an unwavering drive toward success and purposeful activity to serve our customers. Our people bring a foundation of industry knowledge that has been sharpened and polished through years of experience. We enjoy and celebrate our customer’s successes, and constantly push ourselves to achieve higher results for our customers.  

Our technology links the knowledge of our people with intelligent automation providing a product to our clients that is second to none. Our global desktop, VISION, allows stakeholders worldwide to have shipment visibility, automated alerts, unparalleled compliance oversight, and automated notifications. Our technology, in concert with our people, uniquely allows us to create efficiencies for our customers and increase the bottom line. Come and try the V. Alexander & Co., Inc. difference!

A partner who instills confidence for you to focus on your core business.

Knowledge is Key

The V. Alexander Account Teams consists of licensed Customs House Brokers, Certified Customs Specialists, Certified Export Specialist, and many others; some with as much as 40 years of experience. Our advanced technology is world class, because of the strength of our staff.

There are many moving parts involved in a single import/export transaction. As a result the information must be vetted by a level of expertise that can only be provided by knowledgeable and well-trained staff. V. Alexander collects information from various sources and then relies heavily on an internal system to process the shipments’ details. Our people are the best resource to ensure the integrity of the data.

We stay current on industry and regulatory happenings through our seasoned staff of Licensed Customs Brokers, Certified Customs Specialists (CCS), and Certified Export Specialists (CES). The ongoing training and development of our team is the lifeblood and cornerstone to the success of our customers. We extend this industry knowledge and expertise to our customers as well through our customized, client-specific training sessions.