Forestry Services

A Partner you can trust.

Importing and exporting in the forest product world has its own, unique challenges. Cost containment means increased reliance on outsourced services you can trust. Take advantage of new ideas and ways to deliver to your market on time with V. Alexander.

Bring your ideas to reality.

V. Alexander can provide a quality controlled environment you can measure and manage from. Getting product to the customer efficiently and reliably is where we thrive.

Customized distribution analysis that fits your needs.

V. Alexander can help get your supply chain running smoothly and on-time. We distributed over 500,000 tons in Europe last year, alone.

Forestry Product Services Include:

  • Documentation Quality Control
  • Warehousing
  • Cross Docking
  • On Time Distribution Concepts
  • Freight Management
  • Process Analysis
  • Project Cargo
  • Import/Export Expertise

Project Cargo

We are not afraid of anything.

Industrial pumps weighing 89 tons each port-to-port from the United States to Asia or a complete steel press that includes oversized parts weighing up to 135 tons door to door from Europe to the United States; If it is one piece that needs to be at the right place at a specific moment to be installed, or a multitude of parts that need to arrive in the right order at the right time to be assembled – V. Alexander will make it happen!

Managing the process.

Careful planning and intense communication are key factors in successfully managing these extraordinary moves, so developing a full project plan and providing constant updates on the status of the cargo are absolute musts! V. Alexander will cover all the necessary bases to ensure our client is provided with excellent service!

Dedication and integration.

That is one of the most important things that V. Alexander can bring to the table. We want to be successful by making your project a success – by providing you with an integrated service that includes everything you need to get your cargo to its destination in a safe and timely manner.

Controlling the move.

Our experts have the experience to handle your freight safely and timely with an established group of specialized carriers on land, on sea, and in the air – making sure that it is routed in the best possible and safest way with equipment tailored specifically to the uniqueness of the cargo.

We will do whatever needs to be done.

We are not limited to just transportation. We will support your needs from start to finish – arranging origin and destination services in addition to international freight services that will allow you to manage your project with one team instead of a multitude of vendors.

Knowing the challenges.

When you are shipping a more unconventional type of cargo you know that there is not only special equipment required, but also a partner that understands the unique challenges that this type of consignment represents.

Oversized Cargo, Full Charter, Part Charter Service.

We can accommodate your oversize or Full Aircraft Charter through our extensive project oriented network of partners and carriers.

Hand Carry Services

Have an extremely time sensitive and valuable shipment? Our On-Board Courier / Hand Carry service is available to handle your most critical shipment. We will maintain constant custody of your shipment from your door to the ultimate end user.

Business Process Outsourcing

If you see inefficiencies in your current logistics process, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) allows you to focus on your core competencies while cutting costs and increasing your operations efficiencies.

BPO by definition is contracting a specific business process or operation to a third-party service provider with specialized expertise for a non-core business competency, allowing you to focus on your main business and position in the market.

BPO works effectively in areas such as rating, booking, Import Security Filings, shipment status and location, coordinating offloading and drayage, to name a few. At V. Alexander, our team of subject matter experts proactively handle and provide outsourced solutions in real time through a customized program tailored to your business needs.

By leveraging V. Alexander’s robust technology, deep industry experience, and dedicated account team capabilities in conjunction with the solid processes we’ve developed and refined over decades of experience points to BPO as a solid, cost-effective choice for handling your logistics and documentation needs successfully.

We Make It Easy

Our Business Process as a Service (BPaaS) allows for the delivery of BPO services through the cloud, not requiring the client to own or manage its own infrastructure.

Client Benefits

  • Deep industry experience and knowledge
  • Unparalleled resources and technology
  • Repetitive and manual functions performed more efficiently
  • Complete visibility to shipment and documentation 24/7
  • Turn-key flexibility for your business needs

Why companies partner with us:

  • Increase business model flexibility
  • Gain access to talent
  • Outsource activities that others can do better
  • Lower costs
  • Focus on core business activities