As part of our core belief in people and technology, V. Alexander is always striving to stay on the cutting edge. We are leaders in our industry for adopting new technologies and driving innovative solutions. From custom software like Vision to our dedicated team of engineers, we are continually looking for ways to use technology to drive our business, our customers, and our industry to new higher levels of success.


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Our Technology Team

V. Alexander’s I.T. team covers a wide range of expertise in each of the technologies that drives our business. Network engineers monitor our systems around the clock, continually test and improve our security from an ever-increasing number of threats, and support our personnel to make sure your account team has the tools they need to serve you better, every day.

We have a dedicated team of software and data engineers with industry-leading expertise in the most prevalent enterprise development platforms. In addition, they continually raise the bar by searching out and integrating the latest, cutting-edge platforms, technologies, and development techniques to deliver innovative solutions that help our company, and our customers thrive.


VISION is V. Alexander’s customer and partner portal. Far more than a simple shipment status utility, VISION is a global-desktop that gives you complete visibility and control of your supply chain. Through VISION, you are directly connected with your entire account team, vendors, and partners ensuring that everyone is working together to give you the best service possible. We continually look for ways to improve and upgrade your experience and to make VISION an integral part of your business.

The next great release of VISION is on the horizon. A complete ground-up rewrite, the new VISION aims to re-define supply chain management and visibility. Want to get an early look at what is coming in the future of VISION? Let your account team know that you are interested in becoming a beta-tester for the new VISION.


For every company, in all industries data and communications security has become critical to staying in business. V. Alexander views the security of our data, and yours as one of our top priorities. From investing in top-of-the-line technology platforms and multi-layered defenses, employing a staff of highly-trained and knowledgeable I.T. professionals, to continual and mandatory training of our staff at all levels, V. Alexander is taking no chances when it comes to the integrity and safety of the data in our care.