Turkish Boycott of Israeli Imports and Exports

Posted on May 16

Article by: Glenn Shearron, Trade Compliance Specialist, ECoP

In recent days, the Turkish government has advised that they will no longer allow export or imports from Israel until the Israeli government allows humanitarian aid to be provided to Gaza.

This notice is a reminder to all US persons that the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) prohibit certain actions that would support any unsanctioned foreign boycott that is maintained by a country against a country friendly to the US, and may require reporting of these requests to participate in a boycott related action. US companies should act with caution and be on alert for any request to participate in this boycott by refraining from importing or exporting goods to or from Israel, or to provide any certification that the goods are not of Israeli origin or contain parts or components of Israeli origin.

The Antiboycott regulations are contained in 15 CFR 760. Examples of recent boycott related requests report to the Office of Antiboycott Compliance (OAC) can be found here.

Please contact your V. Alexander account team, or you may also contact our Trade Compliance team at tradeinsights@valexander.com with any questions.