Looking For A Refund From Customs

Posted on Apr 9

Article By: Rick Walker, Vice President, TradeInsights, LCB/CCS

From time to time, Customs and Border Protection owes refunds of duty to importers. Many reasons can cause this……classification and/or value changes determined at liquidation, approved protests and post summary corrections, final resolutions to anti-dumping and countervailing investigations which result in a refund, etc. Historically, it was difficult to track the status of refunds but that got better with the advent of the CBP’s Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) system. ACE brought with it a myriad of reports that allowed importers and their brokers increased visibility into their import activity. One of those reports was the REV-603 report which has just gotten an update. At the end of March, CBP announced that brokers/filers now have visibility into importer’s refunds and can search for refunds using defined date parameters.

The message from CBP detailing the update can be found here: CSMS # 59949325 – ACE Collections REV – 603 Trade Refund Report Update for Brokers/Filers (govdelivery.com)

All ACE account holders can run this report on demand, but for non-ACE account holders, the broker/filer run the report and check the refund status for any entry they filed.

If you need help in tracking your CBP refunds, let us know and we can run the REV-603 report for you!

Please contact your V. Alexander account team, or you may also contact our Trade Compliance team at tradeinsights@valexander.com with any questions.