USTR Extends 352 Exclusions

Posted on Sep 6

USTR Extends 352 Exclusions Set to Expire on September 30 until December 31, 2023

Article by: Rick Walker, Vice President – TradeInsights, LCB, CCS

Many of us have been waiting patiently to hear if the USTR would extend the exclusions set to expire on September 30th. Today, The Office of the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) announced that they would indeed extend those exclusions until the end of this year. This extension covers the 352 exclusions previously extended as well as 77 COVID-19 related exclusions.

A copy of today’s announcement can be found here. A list of the remaining 352 exclusions can be found here. A list of the 77 COVID-19 related exclusions can be found here.