Impractical to Screen (ITS) Cargo Amendment Expiring in October and What Exporters Need to Know

Posted on Aug 14

Article by: Austin Pickford, Air Export Manager, CES

On June 30th, 2021, the TSA mandated 100% screening requirements for shipments transported on all-cargo aircrafts and passenger aircrafts (was already in effect.) Following this mandate, many shippers, manufacturers and forwarders have struggled to find solutions to screen certain commodities which generally are liquids, plastic pellets, powders, shaved material, etc. packed in drums, sealed cans, plastic containers or other sealed containers. These commodities have come to earn the name Impractical to Screen (ITS) cargo. Since the June 30th, 2021 mandate, TSA made amendments which allowed Impractical to Screen (ITS) cargo to bypass screening so long that the air carrier allows and also classifies the cargo as Impractical to Screen (ITS). However, these amendments will expire on October 31st, 2023.

With the expiration of these amendments on the horizon, TSA is urging manufacturers and shippers who ship Impractical to Screen (ITS) cargo to become a Certified Cargo Screening Facility (CCSF) to allow for their cargo to continue to travel via air freight. Otherwise, Ocean and/or Road transportation will be the only transportation modes available for this type of cargo.

For further reference, please find the below online resources to find out more about these upcoming changes.

TSA Air Cargo Security Certified Cargo Screening Program Fact Sheet

49 CFR part 1549

Should you have any further questions and/or need consultation on whether your cargo may be classified as Impractical to Screen (ITS) cargo or not, please feel free to reach out to your V. Alexander & Co., Inc. sales representative.