Bulletin: Delay of Section 232 Aluminum Smelt and Cast Reporting Requirements

Posted on Mar 30

Article by: Rick Walker, Vice President, LCB, CCS


This morning CBP announced that it was delaying the April 10, 2023 effective date of the Section 232 Aluminum Smelt and Cast Reporting Requirements for 30 days until May 10, 2023. A copy of the notice from CBP can be found here. As stated in today’s message, the new requirements for reporting the countries of smelt and cast for imports of aluminum and aluminum derivative products effective on April 10, 2023 have been delayed thirty days until May 10, 2023.  This will allow additional time for the trade to update their software programming and systems to comply with these new reporting requirements.

It is important to note that there is no change to the April 10, 2023 effective date of the 200 percent duties on imports of aluminum and derivative aluminum articles that are products of Russia, or where any amount of primary aluminum used in the manufacture of such aluminum articles is smelted in Russia, or where such aluminum articles are cast in Russia.

Accordingly, effective with respect to goods entered for consumption, or withdrawn from warehouse for consumption, on or after 12:01 a.m. eastern time on May 10, 2023, importers of all aluminum articles and aluminum derivative articles from all countries of origin (except the U.S.), regardless of whether Section 232 duties, quotas, exclusions, or general approved exclusion apply, shall report the primary country of smelt,  secondary country of smelt, and country of cast on the entry summary.

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