US East & Gulf Coast – Hurricane Fred

Posted on Aug 17


Fred is now a Tropical Depression currently located about 48 km from Atlanta GA delivering heavy rainfalls to the areas in its path northwards.

No port disruptions were reported and cargo traffic flows normally.


Tropical Storm Fred was forecast to regenerate as a Tropical Cyclone over the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday and is expected to bring heavy rain and floods, including tropical storm conditions, to portions of the northern Gulf coast, especially from coastal Mississippi to the Florida panhandle.

The storm will bypass Florida, so it is expected that Port Condition Whiskey for Miami will be suspended during the day.

As the storm moves west the Port of Mobile was put under Port Condition X-Ray on Saturday, this condition is similar to Whiskey but with a shorter expected arrival time of the storm. As of this morning the port was open and operating under normal conditions.

No other ports have issued notices of operational restrictions at this point.


Tropical Storm Fred is currently expected to arrive in South Florida within the next 72 hours.

The Port of Miami is currently under Port Condition Whiskey per order of the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Captain of the Port, this includes the Miami River, Port of Miami and Port of Everglades as well as all remaining terminals and facilities from Port Everglades south within the USCG Sector Miami’s area of responsibility.

Port Condition Whiskey is set when gale force winds are expected to arrive at the port within 72 hours. Port remains open to all commercial traffic, but oceangoing ships and barges must report their intention to remain in port or depart. If they are departing, they must do so within 12 hours of gale-force winds.

Ports further north, including Tampa and Jacksonville, have not yet advised any possible restrictions.

We will monitor this situation and advise updates as soon as they become available.

As always please contact your V. Alexander Import Account Team to discuss specific shipments that might be impacted by this situation.