Egypt – Advance Cargo Information (ACI) mandatory for Imports Into Egypt

Posted on Jul 2


The Egyptian Government has postponed the mandatory ACI registration for imports until October 1, 2021.


In accordance with the new Egyptian Customs law, and its following related Decree, Advance Cargo information (ACI) will be strictly mandatory for All Egypt Import shipment as of 1st July 2021 (ETA at Port of Loading)

Advance Cargo Information (ACI) is a new customs system under which Egyptian importers are required to declare full information about goods to be shipped to Egypt before actual loading from exporting country.

Upon the acceptance of Egyptian Authorities, a unique 19 digit number called ACID number (Advanced Cargo Information Declaration) will be issued for each shipment / ACI request.

Egyptian Importers are required by ACI procedures to instruct their exporters to include the below three data in their shipping order/BL/manifest.

to the circular from Egypt authorities (ACI), please comply with below new requirements on Shipping Instructions for cargo to all Egypt ports with effect from sailing date 1st April.
Carriers are now required to include the ACID number along with the TAX ID number for Egyptian Importer and registration number or TAX ID# for Exporter – in transport documents (Manifest & Bill of Lading).

ACID number * Must be shown on B/L & Manifest body/cargo description field or remarks.
Egyptian Importer VAT Number * Mandatory to show on-BL shipper/consignee/notify field.
Exporter Registration Number or TAX ID # * Mandatory to show on-BL shipper/consignee/notify field.

The new implementation is mandatory to start on the July 1st, 2021, during this period it’s not allowed to load the container without having above mentioned 3 required elements . In the case the B/L and the manifest do not mention this ACID #, the Egyptian Customs will refuse the cargo and the container will not be allowed to discharge from the vessel and it will be returned back to origin on the same vessel at the cargo owner’s expense.

Consequently, with the complete implementation of ACI after the trial period, Carriers may strictly refrain from loading any shipment planned to be destined to Egypt from the first Load Port in absence of aforesaid mandatory data, and Importers are obliged to communicate obtained ACI with Exporters enough time before loading date, enabling Exporters -in turn- to communicate required data to the Carriers a minimum of 2 business days prior intended loading date to ensure a smooth loading of their shipments.

Please ensure to provide loading port agency with all required data to secure a smooth operation by the designated documentation cut-off date for each sailing. In the event that those 3 data elements are not provided in Shipping Instruction by its documentation cut off time, Carriers may roll over your container to the next available vessel and the cost is at the Exporter/Shipper.
For further information on Egypt ACI, please check the link below:

For further information please contact your V. Alexander Export Team.

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