CMA CGM – Cyber Attack

Posted on Oct 6


CMA CGM’s system still suffer from the cyber-attack launched against the French carrier last week.

The carrier has cut access to all e-commerce sites and relies fully on email, electronic transmissions and EDI for its operations, which creates immense problems with the flow of information required to handle and dispatch cargo.

We are currently experiencing those problems and are already delays in dispatching cargo for delivery from certain ports and inland points.

Please contact your V. Alexander Account Team to discuss any shipments you are concerned about, our teams work diligently to get any issues resolved and to get freight moving to its final destination as quickly as possible.


French Carrier CMA CGM was the subject of a cyber-attack earlier this week. In order to prevent the spread of malware infecting their systems the company shut down much of its network.

This severely interrupts the flow of information between CMA CGM and its customers.

Even though the physical flow of cargo is not impacted by this event the delay in sending out important documentation like Arrival Notices can cause actual delays in our ability to dispatch and move cargo from and to ports at the moment.

We try to minimize the impact of this on your cargo as much as we can by communicating with the carrier by phone but due to the large amount of information being handled this way certain shipments might be subject to delays and potential additional charges.

Please contact your V. Alexander Account Team about any shipment you are concerned about to determine the best course of action required.