V. Alexander’s Domestic Trucking Services

Posted on Mar 26

The trucking industry is, as every part of the supply chain sector, facing extreme challenges while adapting to the constantly changing situations created by the COVID-19 crisis.

We at V. Alexander understand that there is a high level of uncertainty about the domestic trucking market and we are constantly monitoring the market developments and communicate with our providers in the sector through monitoring reports and our operational tools so that we are able to identify any challenges and provide the best solutions for your freight’s needs, allowing you to make the best decisions for your operations.

Over the past week the industry has seen an uptick in tendered loads by 11%, with container drayage volumes increasing due to the increased import activities from Asia while LTL volumes remained largely unchanged.

Please advise your V. Alexander Account Team if you have specific requests so that we can accommodate your needs in regards to

– Special or reduced shipping/receiving hours at your facilities
– Concerns about limited service availability
– Concerns on paperwork exchange and drivers’ health

Our Domestic Logistics Team is ready to support your domestic shipping needs for all types of cargo across North America, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements and to request a solution proposal. You can easily reach us through your V. Alexander Account Team or through our website contact form.