Holiday Notices September 2019

Posted on Sep 17

09/18/2019: Chile – Independence Day (most offices close on 09/17/2019 around noon already)
09/19/2019: Chile – Day of the Glories of the Chilean Army (most companies use 09/20/2019 as an additional bridge day and are closed)
09/23/2019: Bulgaria – Independence Day Holiday (in lieu)
09/23/2019: Japan – Autumnal Equinox Day
09/23/2019: Saudi Arabia – National Day
09/24/2019: Cambodia – Constitution Day
09/24/2019: Dominican Republic – Our Lady of Mercedes Day
09/24/2019: South Africa – Heritage Day
09/27/2019: Cambodia – Ancestor’s Day
09/30/2019: Israel – Hashanah

Disclaimer: this list is based on information we received from partners and other sources, and might not be complete. Not all holidays might be observed as shown. We only list holidays that fall on US Business days (Monday – Friday).