Port of Baltimore Faces Cargo Delays And Picketing By Truckers

Posted on Jan 31

The Port of Baltimore’s Seagirt Marine Terminal is currently experiencing delays due to truck drivers picketing the gates, protesting long wait times in the port that they claim are supposedly caused by a labor dispute between the port operator and the local ILU chapter that caused a port closure last week.
International Longshoremen’s Association Local 333 President Scott Cowan states that the labor dispute was resolved last week, he argues that the main issue is excessive congestion in the terminal.
A Port of Baltimore spokesman also blamed labor issues between the International Longshoremen’s Association and Ports America/Steamship Trade Association. He said port administrators are not part of the negotiations.
Truck drivers claim that they spend as many as seven hours sitting inside their trucks at the Seagirt Marine Terminal, waiting to pick up or drop off a load. Their main concern is that the port does not have sufficient staffing to handle the increased amount of cargo that moves through the port.
Although cargo is moving through the port delays have to be anticipated – our Account Teams are monitoring all shipment that move through the Port of Baltimore and will advise any delays to discuss solutions.
We will advise updates about the situation on our website www.valexander.com as soon as they become available.