Typhoon Mangkhut

Posted on Sep 17


Typhoon Mangkhut caused major flooding and wind damage in Hong Kong and Southern China over the weekend when it eventually made landfall in western Guangdong on Sunday afternoon.

The Port of Hong Kong closing its operation on Saturday and airlines cancelling thousands of flight both nationally as well as internationally.

Most container ships stayed outside the port to ride out the storm, and no vessels were berthed when the typhoon hit the city. Delays in vessel and port operations will impact incoming and outgoing cargo over the next few days.

Mangkhut moved on further towards the Pearl River Delta and caused disruptions in the ports located there, too, with delays due to vessel diversions and port congestion due to increased cargo volumes to be expected.

On Monday flights in the area were slowly resuming, but backlogs in cargo handling can be expected for this week.

Our Account Teams are monitoring shipments that might be affected by the typhoon and will advise status updates as they become available to us.


Typhoon Mangkhut, named the strongest tropical cyclone of the year, has hit the Philippines, making landfall in the northeastern part of the country near Baggao early Saturday morning local time.

The storm is currently forecast to move west towards Hong Kong, where it is expected to arrive Sunday afternoon local time. Local authorities in Hong Kong are urging residents to stay indoors when the storm approaches, and are expected to issue a typhoon signal 8, the third-highest. At this point no indications are available on the impact of the storm on port operations in Hong Kong, and no schedule information has been issued by local port authorities. Flight and airport operations will most certainly be affected by the storm, however, details on flight cancellations are not yet available.

Late Sunday / early Monday the storm is expected to hit mainland China, where residents of low-lying areas in Guangdong province are being prepared for evacuation, while fishing boats are being asked to come back to shore. The government in Hainan will stock up on food supplies. It is not yet know which impact the storm will have on the ports in the area, the storm is expected to make landfall between Yangjiang in western Guangdong and Wenchang in eastern Hainan from Sunday evening to Monday early morning.

By Tuesday the storm is expected to weaken to a tropical depressions.

We will monitor the situation and advise updates as they become available.