PierPass Reform Delayed To 4th Quarter 2018

Posted on Jun 26

The revised PierPass OffPeak program in the LALB port complex, originally scheduled to take effect in August 2018, will not launch before the 4th quarter of 2018, terminal operators organized in the West Coast Marine Terminal Operators Agreement (WCMTOA) advise.The revised program, named “PierPass 2.0” would change the current fee structure by collecting a reduced fee around the clock instead of collecting a certain charge during peak times of the day.It also requires truck appointments for any pick-up or delivery in the ports.The Federal Maritime Commission, which regulated the terminals, requested additional information about the planned changes filed by the WCMTOA terminals, and the terminals are currently gathering this information. After submission to the FMC the agency has 45 days to analyze the amended filing.
April 16, 2018PierPass is replacing the OffPeak program, in place since 2005 to encourage trucks to move containerized cargo at night at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and to fund nighttime operations at the 12 marine terminals in the port, with a flat fee for both daytime and nighttime container moves.PierPass, that has successfully reduced traffic congestion at the ports and surrounding roadways, has for a number of years been criticized by shippers as the traffic mitigation fee charged to fund the OffPeak program increased.PierPass will now charge a traffic mitigation fee to both day and night container moves at a reduced level of $31.52 per TEU ($63.04 for 40’ containers).Subject to regulatory approval, the revised OffPeak program is expected to begin in August.