Certificate of Conformity Requirement – Ivory Coast

Posted on Apr 5

If you are exporting to the Ivory Coast, please be aware of a new requirement issued by the government of the Ivory Coast. For any shipment with a bill of lading date of 16 April 2018, a Certificate of Conformity will be required for many products. The Certificate of Conformity will be required for goods to clear customs. Cargo arriving without the required certificate can be fined up to 50% of the CIF value of the goods, plus any storage costs for delay in release.Some of the products affected include food, chemicals, cosmetics, textiles, pharmaceuticals, electrical and electronic products, building materials, packaging products, and more. Before making any shipping arrangements, we strongly suggest you request information from your buyer to confirm if your products require a certificate. There are independent testing and inspection agencies such as Intertek and SGS, that can assist with this new requirement. Please click here for Intertek.Please click here for SGS