Certificate of Origin (Green Form) no longer required for Israel as of March 31, 2018

Posted on Jan 31

The Governments of the United States of America and Israel have agreed on updating the bilateral Free Trade Agreement and mutually decided to eliminate the requirement for a Certificate of Origin (the green form) under the Agreement on the Establishment of a Free Trade Area between the United States and Israel (FTA).
According to the newly agreed terms, U.S. Exporters to Israel are no longer required to submit the green form Certificate of Origin (C.O.O.) and replace it with origin / invoice declaration (i.e. The new measure introduces an invoice declaration, which the U.S. exporter applies to the trade document, in order to enable the identification of the goods concerned).
* As of March 31st, 2018 the green C.O.O. will be no longer valid and accepted by the U.S Customs and Border Protection (USA CBP) and the Israeli customs.
* The declaration of origin must be on the invoice or on any commercial document such as packing list (These are linked to the invoice). The Declaration must be related only to the exported items that comply with USA Origin, according to the FTA’S rules of origin.
* U.S. Exporters are kindly requested to take all necessary steps and make all necessary adaptation in their export systems in order to update export commercial documentation.
Rules for Completing an origin declaration (invoice declaration)* Correctly completed, this gives the customs administration in the recipient country formal grounds for giving your products preferential treatment.
1. The invoice declaration must be printed on the invoice / packing list or any other commercial document which describes the products concerned in sufficient detail to enable them to be identified.2. When the export shipment includes items that are of USA origin and other that are not, the items that are not qualifying for USA origin, must be marked in a very clear method by line item.3. The invoice declaration should be signed only by the exporter or the producer and not by a logistics partner such as freight forwarder, etc.4. Any Corrections on the invoice declaration must be confirmed by a signature and stamp of the exporter / producer.5. Tax Identification – The tax identification must be one of the following: Tax Identification Number (TIN), Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) or Exporter Identification Number (EIN).6. Name – The whole name, including their first and surname, and sometimes any middle names of the employee within the exporter / producer that signed the invoice declaration.7. Title – The official job title of the employee within the exporter / producer that has signed eh invoice declaration.8. Email – The email address of the employee within the exporter / producer that has signed the invoice declaration.9. Signature – The signature of the employee within the exporter / producer that has signed the invoice declaration.
Specimen Invoice Declaration Text:I, the undersigned, hereby declare the unless otherwise indicated, the goods covered by this document fully comply with the rules of origin and the other provision of the agreement on the Establishment of a Free Trade Area between the Government of Israel and the Government of the United States of America.
( ) The Exporter (whether the exporter is the producer or not)( ) The Producer (is not the exporter)
Tax Identification:________________________________Name: _________________________________________Title: __________________________________________Email: _________________________________________Signature: ______________________________________http://www.americaisrael.org/certificates-of-origin