Maersk’s APM Terminal In Port Of New York/New Jersey Still Suffers From Post-Cyberattack Headaches

Posted on Jun 27

Truckers spent hours at APM Terminals at the Port of New York and New Jersey. The facility is still recovering from the effects of last week’s cyberattack on Maersk Group and additionally had to face higher than usual post-holiday traffic.
The terminal in Port Elisabeth, NJ, reopened Friday after being closed for 3 days, and as of Wednesday APM advised The Association of Bi-State Motor Carriers that the terminal would be about 50% back-to-normal by Thursday.
There seems to be no visible improvement in the time it takes to deliver and pick-up containers to/from the terminal, and APM’s IT system is not yet fully functioning so information about releases might not be visible to the truckers.

Maersk Mostly Back From Cyber Attack
June 30th, 2017
Maersk’s business activities are mostly back to normal worldwide.
APM Terminals at Pier 400 in LALB and Port Elisabeth NJ are working relatively normal on the import side while export services are still suspended. Maasvlakte II terminal in Rotterdam is still closed and cargo is being rerouted to other operational terminals.
Communication lines with Maersk have been reopened to be able to handle shipments as efficiently as possible.
We are very glad to report that our systems have not been subject to any hacking attempts during this attack.

Maersk Still In Recovery Mode After Cyber Attack
June 28th, 2017
Maersk Lines is still suffering from the reported cyber-attack and is currently unable to provide quotes or accept bookings.
Communication with customers, terminals and truckers is extremely difficult and much of the information transmitted internally, to customers and to suppliers cannot be exchanged through EDI.
Several customers of Maersk, including V. Alexander, have stopped all electronic communication with the carrier and have also restricted access to its websites around the world.
Most APM terminals in the US are closed due to the issues and cannot handle any vessels at the moment, while third-party terminals are handling Maersk vessels and cargo as usual, and Maersk advised that cargo in transit would be offloaded as planned and that import cargo would be released to customers, however, as many processes will have to be handled manually delays are to be expected.
In Asia, several terminals advised that they might not be able to handle vessels as they do not receive electronic information enabling them to do that.
We will continue to monitor the situation and will provide updates when they become available.

Massive Cyberattack Hits Maersk Line, Besides Others
June 27th, 2017
We have been notified by Maersk Lines that they are the victims of a massive cyber-attack that has shut down 300 of their offices and shut their entire organization down, including some subsidiary companies. This will disrupt and delay cargo.
Several APM Terminals around the world, including the terminal in Mobile, AL, have been shut down and cargo can currently not be delivered to or picked up at these terminals. The Port Authority in New York/New Jersey advises truckers to delay trips to the APM Terminal there.
It is recommended that you do not communicate with them by email or visit their website(s) until it is announced that they are back to normal as this could potentially lead to spreading the infection.
We are monitoring the situation very closely. If you have any cargo moving on Maersk Lines we encourage you to check your Vision account for status changes and feel free to reach out to your V. Alexander account team if needed.