Port Closures Update

Posted on Mar 14

The Ports of New York and New Jersey will reopen Wednesday with normal operating hours, starting with GCT Bayonne at 6 am EST.
The New York area did not receive the snow levels that were expected, however, a slow start should be expected due to the closings Tuesday.
The Port of Boston will reopen Wednesday, most likely with a later date opening and extended opening hours.
Airports, and with that Air freight, still face heavy delays due to Tuesday’s flight cancellations.

Ports in NE to be Closed Tomorrow Due to Snow
March 13, 2017
The winter storms approaching the Northeastern US will force port closures in New York area ports and Boston tomorrow, Tuesday the 14th of March.

New York/New Jersey: all terminals will be closed Tuesday, 03/14/17.
Truck gates will be opened longer today as follows: PNCY until 18:00; GCT Bayonne, APMT and Maher all until 19:00
Boston: Conley Terminal will be closed on Tuesday, March 14 due to inclement weather.
Baltimore and Norfolk are currently operating normally

Airports in the New York/Newark and Boston areas are also affected by the storm and several flights will be cancelled or delayed. Flight delays will also affect other airports.