New ACE Reports Catalog now Available

Posted on Nov 14

The ACE Reports team has created its first ACE Reports Catalog to provide a comprehensive inventory of all public “canned” reports currently available in ACE. This reference guide is designed to enhance the understanding of ACE Reports by clearly identifying, categorizing and describing reports available to ACE Reports users in the trade community. All reports are defined in a five column table that includes the subject area (e.g., Entry Summary or Cargo Release), the report number, report name, report description (including account types that have access) and a list of objects that appear in the report by default. The document is organized alphabetically by subject area (e.g., AD/CVD or Cargo Release) and reports are then sorted in ascending numeric order within each subject area.Please note: The ACE Reports Catalog does not provide definitions for each individual data object found in the reports; this level of detailed information will be available in the ACE Reports Data Dictionary.The catalog is a living document that will evolve over time. Each update will be marked with the month and year of issuance to allow for quick and easy identification of the most recently published document.The document is available in ACE Reports by clicking the View ACE Reports Training Resources button on the homepage and then selecting the ACE Reports Catalog option.The CBP notification can be viewed here along with the ACE Reports Catalog.