Trucker Strike in Korea

Posted on Oct 7

November 3, 2016The trucker strike in South Korea has ended and conditions to arrange truck moves have improved. There is, however, a strike of railway workers still ongoing that impacts the availability of empty containers which are mainly moved by rail between container yards and depots.The situation is, however, manageable as per our South Korean partners.
October 18, 2016Our partners in South Korea report that the trucker strike there is still ongoing and that it is extremely difficult to hire truckers at the moment, truck supply is limited and prices have skyrocketed.No progress has been reported in resolving the underlying issues causing the strike.We will advise further details when they become available.
October 10, 2016Korean news agencies report that truck drivers went on strike as threatened earlier, following rail workers that took the same action earlier.The truckers protest the government’s planned reform on the freight market, claiming that the proposed deregulation will eventually lead to a sharp drop in cargo rates.It is estimated that more than 30% of the approximately 21,700 container trailers are affected by the strike, this number could climb if non-unionized truckers join the strike.The South Korean government deems the strike illegal and threatens retaliation and legal action against truckers and union leaders.