New Wood Packing Rules for Brazil

Posted on Feb 1

If you export cargo to Brazil, effective today, February 1, 2016, Brazil has instituted new rules regarding wood packing, to include dunnage, blocking and bracing materials. As of today, it will be mandatory for all wood packing information to be reported to Brazilian Customs and the local Port Authorities, according to the Ministry of Agriculture Regulation IN No. 32. This pertains to all containers discharged in Brazilian ports.
It is still uncertain how each port authority will implement the new rules or issue possible fines. V. Alexander & Co., Inc. is advising anyone exporting cargo to Brazil to ensure that all wood packing used in the shipment is in compliance with International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM) 15 guidelines.
If wood packing is fumigated prior to export, the fumigation certificate must be provided in Brazil.
Failure to adhere to the new guidelines will cause shipments to be subject to penalties, cargo seizure, and additional costs to the importer and exporter.
Information regarding ISPM 15 wood packing rules may be found here and here.