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Massive Cyberattack Hits Maersk Line, Besides Others

Last Updated: Jun 27 2017
We have been notified by Maersk Lines that they are the victims of a massive cyber-attack that has shut down 300 of their offices and shut their entire organization down, including some subsidiary companies...

COSCO Shipping to Acquire 14 New Vessels

Last Updated: Jun 26 2017
COSCO Shipping Corp. will but 14 new vessels, including 6 so-called mega-vessels, with a total order value of about $ 178 billion and deliveries planned over the next 2 years...

Port Drivers End Strike In LALB Port Complex

Last Updated: Jun 26 2017
The strike by truck drivers and warehouse workers at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach ended after 5 days...

Public Holiday: Pakistan - Eid-ul-Fitr from June 26, 2017 until June 28, 2017

Last Updated: Jun 26 2017
Public Holiday: Pakistan - Eid-ul-Fitr from June 26, 2017 until June 28, 2017

Hong Kong Public Holiday: July 1, 2017

Last Updated: Jun 26 2017
Hong Kong Public Holiday: July 1, 2017 - Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day.

Los Angeles Becomes The First Port In The Western Hemisphere To Hit 9 Million TEU

Last Updated: Jun 26 2017
On Friday the Port of Los Angeles announced that it is the first port in the western hemisphere to handle 9 million TEU in a 12-month period that will conclude on June 30 with the close of the port’s fiscal year...

Spanish Strike Might Expand to Other European Ports

Last Updated: Jun 23 2017
The International Dockworkers Council (IDC) has called for a Europe-wide two-hour port strike on June 29th in support of Spanish dockworkers and in opposition to what it calls "ultra-liberal" policies of the European Commission...

OOCL Denies COSCO Takeover Rumors

Last Updated: Jun 21 2017
Overseas (International) Ltd., parent of ocean carrier OOCL, once again denied rumors that a takeover by COSCO Shipping is imminent...

Asia to US Rate Development

Last Updated: Jun 21 2017
Please find below updates to the following items: Update to General Rate Increase 06/15/17 (# 113), Peak Season Surcharge 06/15/17 (# 30-31), General Rate Increase Filed 07/15/17 (# 115)...

Karachi and Qasim Port Still Impacted by Aftermath of Transporters Strike

Last Updated: Jun 5 2017
Our partner in Pakistan advises that the ports still face congestion and backlogs, fueled by seasonal growth in volumes and impacted by declining port productivity caused by extremely hot weather and Ramadan...

Work Hours During Ramadan

Last Updated: May 24 2017
Ramadan begins on May 27th and will last most likely until June 27th. During this time offices in countries that celebrate Ramadan will adjust their work hours to special times of operation. In Pakistan...

Strike Threat In Indian Ports (Updated)

Last Updated: Apr 21 2017
The dockworkers unions in India have postponed their planned nationwide strike from April 19, 2017 to May 12, 2017...

US Ports - Labor Contracts 2017

Last Updated: Mar 1 2017
Harold Daggett, the International Longshoreman's Association president, strongly urged its members "not to engage in any work stoppage or any other violations of our current master contract." ...

Potential Strike of Canada Border Services Agency Workers

Last Updated: Feb 16 2017
The Canada Border Services Agency announced today that there is potential for a strike of thousands of Canada Border Services Agency workers after talks broke off between Treasury Board and the Public Service Alliance of Canada...

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People and technology

Our People

Excellence, one transaction at a time. This is only possible because of our dedicated team of logistics and Customs experts. V. Alexander is structured to allow your highly trained account team to scale in unison with your needs.


Our Technology

Moving cargo efficiently is about transferring data. And, when it comes to intermodal data exchange, no one beats V. Alexander. That’s because the company has dedicated itself to seamless transfer of data whenever and wherever possible, with no re-entry. How can we do this? Through Vision, our industry-leading data communication system, tied directly into key government agencies, carriers, and all our customers, big and small. Combined with the best and the brightest staff in the industry, there is no better way to ensure that nothing ever gets lost in translation.


.................................................................... Of all the countries on the planet, the United States clearly leads the world in paperwork. Ever since the events of September 11, 2001, U.S. Customs has made importing goods into the country an even more complicated task.

We have the expertise to make imports smooth and efficient.

.................................................................... From Abu Dhabi to Zaire and any place in between, we have many years of experience shipping to both usual and unusual destinations. Whether your shipment needs to go to Andorra or Tierra del Fuego, we have the expertise and resources to get it there as efficiently and as economically as possible.
Professional Services
.................................................................... While we regularly go beyond the call of duty in our daily transactions, we also offer a growing array of Professional Services that supplement our more traditional businesses. Our newest is C-TPAT Certification Training that enables our customers to make the most out of the strict requirements of U.S. Customs.