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Import Services

V. Alexander offers an extensive array of services for the import customer, including:

Customs Brokerage: Compliance Services: Technology: ......................................................................

Import: Compliance Is Key


Case Study

Case Study: U.T. Battelle, LC

When U.T. Battelle needed to urgently import a ballistic containment device from Canada, they turned to V. Alexander to arrange the Customs clearance at the US-Canada border in Sweetwater, Montana.

Beginning with the Importer Security Filing (ISF or 10+2), which must be filed no later than 24 hours before loading of cargo onto the vessel, and culminating with the liquidation of the customs entry almost 1 year after release of the goods, customs compliance and security impacts your supply chain throughout its lifecycle.

U.S. Customs is very clear. The importer is legally responsible for the accuracy of their security and customs entry filings, payment of the proper amount of duties, recordkeeping, and proper documentation of internal customs compliance and security controls. A lot is at stake.

As a V. Alexander customer, you don't have to worry about a thing. Your assigned V. Alexander & Co., Inc. Import Team has the training, experience, systems and resources to guide you through these multiple challenges. Together, we’ll help you to insure that the supply chain keeps moving while your compliance and security requirements are met every step of the way.


Our Import Team

The V. Alexander Import Team consists of licensed Customs House Brokers, Certified Customs Specialists, and many others; some with as much as 40 years of experience. Our advanced technology is world class, because of the strength of our staff.

Excellence, management by exception Excellence, management by exception

V. Alexander operates on one of the most sophisticated exception management systems in the industry. Our staff and systems monitor date milestones most companies ignore, allowing us to proactively avoid common problems, all the while giving you the visibility you demand.

Give Us Your Most Challenging Test Give us your most challenging test

We love a challenge. In today's world, supply chains have very little tolerance for failure. You will find V. Alexander ready to provide solutions for even the most complex transactions.

Consider This

U.S. Customs processes over 70,000 containers per day
Inaccurate documentation is the number one cause of delays.

ISF penalties are $5,000 per filing
A study by NAMA also estimates an average delay of 2.8 days for ISF violations, costing millions more over a given year. Visit the ISF Toolbox

U.S. Customs has a budget of $11 billion
A significant portion of the current budget is being spent to improve the security at ports of entry throughout the country.