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Big Customer

Small Customer

To us,

they look exactly the same.

Great service, no matter who you are.

Our Vision

V. Alexander’s vision is to be the world’s most valued independent cargo dynamics provider. Being the most valued requires developing the most effective technology and systems, hiring and training the most qualified people, pioneering new solutions for our industry, and adding value to everything we do.


Our Mission

V. Alexander is dedicated to achieving excellence in our industry by contributing to the success of our customers, our staff, and our vendors. We do this by insisting that each and every transaction with which we are involved employs our very best tools, people and technologies, and strive to improve each of these on a daily basis.


Our Values

We will always maintain the highest level of ethics and integrity in everything we do.

We will encourage professional and personal growth.

We will always maintain a professional image.

We will encourage and reward innovation.

We will be an active member of the communities in which we operate.

We will observe, promote and support our industry, while maintaining an independent perspective.

We will be alert for opportunities to assist our clients in meeting their goals.


Excellence, One Transaction At A Time

People and technology People and technology working in concert...

It's quite fashionable to talk about moving cargo in high-minded terms, and many of those "supply chain" ideas are useful tools. However, when it comes to moving your cargo, none of those elevated theories mean much without a rock-solid foundation on the ground. People and technology working in concert to ensure that everything gets where it needs to go, every single time. No matter how complicated the circumstances.

That's just what V. Alexander has been doing every day since 1946. We believe that a successful cargo dynamics company is built on excellence, one transaction at a time.

Much More Than A Slogan

"One Transaction at a Time" There's a lot to that phrase for us, because we've built V. Alexander on that philosophy. While many of our competitors always start with the big picture, we find that it's often wiser to look at the critical details first, and build solutions from the bottom up. It's worked for our customers for over sixty years.
Independence Is Our Strength

We've chosen to stay independent over the years for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that we have no need to feed other businesses or follow alternate agendas. We use the best in class for everything we do. Period.
The Power's In The People
Beyond the fact that we have some of the most experienced personnel in the industry, as well as the lowest turnover, we also maintain an unparallelled chain of accountability.

That means there is ALWAYS someone available to answer a question, solve a problem, and make suggestions that improve your transportation results. From your account service team right up to senior management. It's not an empty promise, you'll see that every time you log in as a customer.
The Science Of Compliance
While there are a million issues to consider when managing cargo dynamics, nothing is more important than compliance with regulatory requirements. At best, failure to do so means delays. At worst, you will be hit with stiff penalties.
Independence Day
Independence Day Unlike many of our competitors, we're proud to say we're the largest and most successful independent cargo dynamics company in the business. What's so great about that? Well, independence allows us to use the "best in class" for everything we do, from carriers to couriers. There's never a hidden need to feed another branch of our business. That means your best interests are our best interests. Period.

Documentation Nation
The Power's In The People The essence of compliance is documentation. And, the essence of documentation is accuracy. That's why we've spent years building documentation databases and systems that guarantee that the appropriate paperwork gets to where it needs to go right on-time, with each and every "T" crossed and "I" dotted.

This unceasing focus on the details may not make for the most exciting marketing materials, but we know it's what will make you, and us, successful. That is what V. Alexander is all about.