Gulf Coast Port Situation

Posted on Oct 29


The Port of New Orleans remain closed today due to regional power outages after Hurricane Zeta impacted the greater New Orleans Metro Area yesterday night.

No further operational updates are available at this moment but it is expected that the port will reopen on Monday

10/28/2020 – 5:00 pm CST

Zeta has made landfall as a Category 2 Hurricane neat Cocodrie, LA, about 90 miles south of New Orleans.

The storm, packed with maximum sustained winds of 110 mph will most likely hit New Orleans with intense winds, heavy rain and storm surge flooding and move on to coastal Mississippi where it is expected to make a second landfall as a weaker Category 2 or a Category 1 storm.

With New Orleans being in the direct path of the storm the port there will most probably also be closed tomorrow.

The storm will case severe disruptions n the areas it will affect over the next few days and might cause cargo delays in the port, on roads and the rail.

Please contact your V. Alexander Account Team to discuss any cargo potentially affected by this situation.


Zeta has strengthened back into a hurricane and is moving towards the Louisiana coast where it is expected to make landfall this afternoon as a Category 1 Hurricane.

The Port of New Orleans has closed operations today in anticipation of the storm.

The Coast Guard has set port condition Zulu for the port, restricting vessel traffic on the lower Mississippi River.

No decision has been made when to reopen, but as the storm is moving quickly it is expected that the port will reopen by latest Friday.

We will continue to monitor the situation and advise any developments as soon as possible.